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The Alaska State Archives under AS 40.21.030 (2) is mandated with the preservation, arrangement, repair, rehabilitation, duplication, reproduction, description, and exhibition of permanent public records. Public access to the holdings of the State Archives is mission critical, currently the Archives holds approximately 26TB of digital materials. The materials range from digitized territorial records to born digital State of Alaska agency records. As collections are arranged, described and subsequently digitized they will be made available here.

Alaska's Digital Archives

The purpose of Alaska’s Digital Archives is to provide a single easy to use location for institutions across this state to share their historical resources. The Alaska State Archives is a contributing partner with Alaska’s Digital Archives.

Vital Statistics Records Online

1.1 million documents have been scanned by FamilySearch.org in partnership with the Alaska State Archives to make records available to the public. These records include birth, marriage, death, and probate records going back to the mid-1800s, a milestone resource for Alaskan genealogy research.

Search Alaskan Records on FamilySearch.org.

Territorial Governor's letterpress books

Alaska Railroad Commission Townsite lot sales volumes

The Alaska State Legislature Committee Minutes Query

Alaska State Legislature House & Senate Committee Minutes are available from the State Legislatures link below. Audio recordings of Committee Minutes are available from 2005 to the present, 1993-2004 will be added shortly. 1972-1992 will be added in the future, however, no time table has yet been determined.

Alaska Constitutional Convention Recording

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