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Alaska State Historical Records Advisory Board (ASHRAB)

Mission Statement

The Alaska State Historical Records Advisory Board recognizes that historical records are our priceless legacy, since collecting and preserving Alaska's documentary heritage is fundamental in understanding our past.

National Archives: Nathinal Historical Publications & Records Commission

What is ASHRAB?

The Alaska State Historical Records Advisory Board (ASHRAB), appointed by the Governor, has the responsibility for reviewing and making recommendations on grant proposals made by Alaskan organizations submitted to the National Commission.

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, was established by Congress to provide funds to agencies, institutions and organizations interested in the preservation and use of historical records.

Within the State of Alaska, this grant program can provide funds for several different kinds of projects that have as their goal the preservation and utilization of Alaska's documentary heritage.

Grant Program Information

The Alaska State Archivist is coordinator of the Advisory Board. Individuals and organizations should contact the State Archivist for additional information regarding the NHPRC grant program; guidelines, restrictions and procedures for grant proposals, and for information on the deadlines for submission of proposals to the State Advisory Board. A detailed guide to the NHPRC records program is available. For further information about grants made by NHPRC, visit the NHPRC website or contact the Alaska State Archives directly.

ASHRAB Responsibilities

The State Advisory Board reviews proposals submitted under the Institutional or Cooperative Projects program, prior to submission to NHPRC. The State Advisory Board is the central advisory body for historical records planning and for projects developed and carried out in Alaska. Specifically, the Board may sponsor and publish surveys of the conditions and needs of historical records in the State; solicit or develop proposals by institutions in the State and make recommendations to NHPRC; and develop, revise, and submit to NHPRC plans for historical records projects in the State which will be financed by NHPRC.

Our board's members include:

  1. The State Archivist, who is the board's coordinator and principal contact with NHPRC;
  2. The Alaska State Historic Preservation Officer, who acts as coordinator in theabsence of the State Archivist;
  3. A representative from the Native community;
  4. A representative of local government;
  5. Four other members who either work with historical records professionally, or who do historical research.

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State Archives staff, with the Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums, provide administrative assistance to the board. ASHRAB has conducted several condition reports of historical records preservation in Alaska. Some of the surveys were supported by grant funds.

ASHRAB Products

Guidance and Reports

Archives Month

Archives Month, which occurs every October, is the month recognized by archives to raise awareness and engage the public about the importance and value of archives.

Certificate of Excellence

Year Recipients
  • Teressa Williams
  • Sara Piasecki
  • Michael Carey
  • Dermot Cole
  • Damon Stuebner
  • Bruce Parham
  • Petersburg Public Library/Petersburg Pilot
  • Larry Hibpshman
  • Mark Whitman
  • Arlene Schmuland
  • Michael Catoggio
  • Michael E. Krause Alaska Native Language Archive
  • Amy Carney
  • Lee Poleske
  • Glenn Cook

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