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National History Day Resources

Alaska History Day

Alaska History Day | Alaska Humanities Forum

Alaska History Day is the state affiliate for National History Day, a yearlong competition for students grades 6-12. Students research topics based on the annual theme and are judged on their presentations of either a website, performance, documentary film, exhibit, or research paper.

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Alaska Topics

You can begin your search with our Alaska History Topics page! Each topic provides an overview of its significance in Alaska history as well as a list of primary sources to get your research started.

What is a primary resource?

For examples and help figuring out the difference between a primary and secondary resource visit our Primary Resources VS Secondary Resources section.

How do I cite my resources?

Giving proper credit to the materials you use in your projects is an important part of historical research. National History Day standards require students to use either MLA or Chicago format. Whichever you choose make sure you are consistent in your Annotated Bibliography page. For more guidance on how to cite your resources try these resources:

Where do I find more information on National History Day?

For more information on the rules and how to enter the competition, visit the National History Day website, or for more information on Alaska History Day visit the Alaska Humanities Forum website.

Page last updated 09/12/2019